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Weekly High School and Elementary Newsletter
(Includes Weekly Breakfast and Lunch Menu)

Food Service Information

High School 


The La Monte R-IV School System has a closed campus.  (Students are not permitted to leave the campus, until the close of school that day).  The lunch period shall also be closed to the area of the Multipurpose Room.  Vending machines may be used during the lunch period. Restrooms should be used before going to or after leaving the lunchroom.

It is every student’s right to purchase a well-balanced meal prepared in the kitchen and served in the cafeteria.  Lunch prices are $1.70 per lunch. Adult lunches are $2.60. NO CASH will be accepted in the lunch line.  All money must be paid in the office to credit your account either weekly or monthly.  This applies for both breakfast and lunch.  Extra milk is $.40.  

A breakfast program is also offered.  Prices are: Students, $ 1.; adults and second student breakfast, $1.45.


Breakfast/Lunch Information

La Monte Elementary is fortunate to have a superior food service program.  Quality breakfasts and lunches are available daily.  Breakfast is available to all students and staff from 7:35 – 7:55 a.m.  Buses will arrive in time for bus riders to take full advantage of this program. 

Breakfast prices:

Pre-K through 6th grade  Regular - $1.10 Reduced - $.30

Lunch prices:

Pre-K through 5th grade Regular - $1.45 Reduced - $.40

6th grade Regular - $1.70 Reduced - $.40

Students are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of the meals available at school.  Students are also welcome to bring a sack lunch.  We ask that no sodas are sent in these lunches.  Milk is included with school lunches and is available for purchase with lunches from home at $.30 per carton.  When ten breakfast/lunch charges are accrued, your child will be given a sandwich, fruit and milk versus the regular school lunch until charges are caught up. 

Parent Involvement

School Parent and Family Engagement Policy (ESEA) 

The Board of Education recognizes the positive effects of parents/families’ involvement in the education of their children. The Board is committed to strong parent/family involvement in working collaboratively with district staff as knowledgeable partners in educating district students. In order to implement the Board’s commitment to parent/family involvement in education, the existing Title I advisory committee will serve as the nucleus of parents, staff, and community representatives to serve as the district’s Parent Involvement Committee. The Committee’s responsibilities will include recommendations for program development, parent/staff training and program evaluation. Program evaluation reports will be prepared and submitted to the Superintendent annually by June 1.

Children’s achievement and attitude about school are higher when parents and teachers work together cooperatively to guide a child’s development. Parents and teachers should expect children to learn, behave well, and respect the rights of other children in order to learn without distraction. As a result, children will understand that the adults in their lives help set standards for learning and behavior.

What role do you have in establishing this environment?

1. Insure that your child attends school daily.

2. Communicate with the teacher about conduct, achievement, and the objectives 

    established for your child at each level of learning.

3. Provide your child with the resources needed to complete class work.

4. Be sure your child is healthy and well groomed and has plenty of rest.

5. Bring to the attention of the teacher or principal any problem or condition, which 

     affects your child or other children of the school community.

6. Discuss report cards and daily work assignments with your child.

7. Report to school up-to-date home, work, and emergency telephone numbers.

8. Provide adequate supervision of your child before and after school hours.

Additional Resources In Progress!  Please check back often!

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(These coorelate with the Literacy Skills focused on during Elementary WIN Time!)

Tips for Parents of Students Who Are Experiencing Crisis

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