For Staff

2023-2024 Staff Handbook

Technology Ticket
Maintenance Request

23-24 Salary Schedule

Extra Duty Pay Schedule

Salary Schedule Advance Form

Bus Request
Print the form above to request a bus for a field trip or extra-curricular event.
Turn it in to Dawn after obtaining your administrator's signature.
Field Trip Permission Form
Use this permission form for students attending field trips.
Please make a copy of the form and put in your drive and rename, don't edit this original!!!
Concession Stand Workers
Use this form to turn in to Jackie after you work concessions so that she will know that the Foundation needs to pay your club or group. 


2023-2024 Professional Development Request Form
(anything from July 1, 2023-June 30, 2024)
Use this form to request permission, funds, and sub to attend professional development opportunities.
Please complete the following sections and then press submit.  This information will go to the PD Committee and the building principals.  Make sure to include everything-we also need links to your conference webpage or  brochures for registration and lodging before approval of your request can be given.  When the committee and admin have reviewed your request, if you are approved you will receive an email from the PD Chair (Elwell).  PD Meetings occur sparingly so please prepare to submit well ahead of the due date for your registration.  Once everything has been approved, then you are responsible for submitting purchase orders for registrations etc.,  securing lodging, and submitting any substitute and/or leave requests. If you are going to be absent for approved professional leave, be sure to select that option when filling out your leave request so that it can be coded properly in the office.   Let Jackie know if you need assistance with registration, POs or booking lodging.   I am also happy to help.  Thanks, Jessie Elwell

Career Ladder Handbook and Forms v2 2023-2024

(Print and submit to Jackie Wessel)
2024 Missouri W-4
2024 Federal W-4 Form


To download from Google Docs click on File and Download
Please make a copy of the form and put in your drive and rename, don't edit this originals!

SIT Form for Pre-Referral Strategies-SHORT FORM (Google Form)-added 9/23/2022
SIT Univeral Form Request for Assistance-LONG FORM
Use this form to request Assistance from the SIT Team (Student Intervention Team). This form should be submitted AFTER parent contact has been made if concerns and behaviors persist.  This form
should be printed, filled out, and submitted to Amber Knoernschild or Jessie Elwell.
Note: It is a comprehensive form so that we can look at all areas of student performance
to make data-informed decisions. The SIT team will evaluate  your request
and meet with you to work together to provide resources and strategies to help meet the needs of student,
ie: PBIS Interventions, Academic Interventions, Attendance strategies, etc. 

Calendar and Activity Request Form
Use this form to request that the principal add a date for an event to the
Master Calendar and to request facilities needed for an event.
Make a copy to edit and submit it to your administrator.



2022-2023 Professional Development Request Form
(anything from July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023)
*Let Mrs. Elwell know if you need to add PD from last year (22-23)
and she will turn the form back on for you.

2021-2022 Google Form for Professional Development
(anything from July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022)
*Let Mrs. Elwell know if you need to add PD from last year (21-22)
and she will turn the form back on for you.