La Monte R-4 is a P.B.I.S. School

What is SW-PBS?

What does that mean? PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Support. That means that as a district we are committed to using positive reinforcement to maintain the best learning environment possible for your children.

What does that look like? Be Responsible. Be Respectful. Be Safe. Those six words are the backbone of our positive behavior support plan. We teach the students exactly how to behave in all the various settings here at school, such as the restrooms, the hallways, the playground, the gym, the bus, the lunchroom and the classrooms. Every student at La Monte will be taught what behaviors are acceptable, and which are not.

What does that mean for my child? That means that your child will clearly know what is expected of him/her. It also means that they have TONS of opportunities to earn positive rewards and incentives! Good behavior can earn Viking Vouchers, Student of the Month awards, Positive Office Referrals, Positive Parties, and a lot more! The students absolutely LOVE to earn these things! It’s amazing to see them acting so wonderfully throughout our school!

How can I be a part of this? The school community welcomes you to discuss these things with your child and even better, use these techniques at home! For example, try to catch your child doing things correctly and recognize that behavior, rather than always catching the negative. Set up a simple reward system for good behavior. There are several free apps that you can download, simply google “Apps for kid behavior”. Here is a simple example of a possible dialogue between a parent and a child.

Parent: “I really appreciated it when Dale picked up his toys in his room yesterday. I was very proud of him!”

Child will usually respond positively by putting down the game controller or getting off the couch to go pick up his/her toys.

Then the parent can give a simple reward!

Please click on the PBIS Handbook links below for more information!

PBIS Rewards Offered by La Monte R-4

PBIS Matrix

PBIS Behavior Management Flow Chart