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Sixth Grade Podcast-Christmas Edition

Smith-Cotton Math Relay

January 26, 2019

La Monte math team participated in the Smith-Cotton Math Relay on January 26, 2019. We competed with seven other schools in division 1. La Monte had 9 students taking test. They brought home seven medals and eleven ribbons.

Omar Diego placed 2nd in Team 10, 8th in Word Problems 9, and 3rd in Geometry 9.

Kadense Dolci-Dwyer placed 5th in Team 11 and 7th in Algebra 9.

Brendan Green placed 4th in Team 9, 4th in Word Problems 9, 8th in Random Science, and 1st in Geometry 9. He was tied 4th overall Freshman.

Trent Johnson placed 4th in Team 12, 6th in Word Problems 12, 7th in Random Science, and 5th in Calculus.

Liam Kincaid placed 4th in Team 12, 6th in Calculus, and 2nd in Find-A-Place.

Rebaeka Natale placed 5th in Team 11, 4th in Word Problems, 7th in Algebra 11, and 3rd in Hodge Podge.

Saraih Navarro placed 4th in Team 9 and 7th Geometry 9.

Ariana Olmedo placed 4th in Team 9, 8th in Algebra 9, and 6th in Word Problem 9.

Emma Schouten placed 2nd in Team 10, 5th in Find-A-Place, 6th in Geometry 10, and 1st in Logic. She was 4th overall Sophomore.

Math Team at California

Math Team Takes 2nd Place in Warrensburg's Math Relay

Math Team Pic

Math Team Posing with Awards

La Monte math team went to Warrensburg’s math relay. LHS competed against Higginsville, Knob Noster, Northwest, Smithton, Stover, and Uniontown. LHS won 19 medals, 9 ribbons, top freshman trophy, and the 2nd Place School plaque.

Alicia Davis placed fourth in Functions, first in Probability, and second in Team 12.

Kadense Dolci-Dwyer placed fifth in Geometry 9 and first in Team 9.

Brendan Green placed third in Algebra Simplify, sixth in Geometry 9, first in Algebra Equations, first in Word Problems 9, and first in Team 9. Brendan was the number one top freshman.

Trent Johnson placed ninth in Geometry 12, seventh in Probability, fourth in Advanced Topics, and second in Team 12.

Serafin Lemus placed first in Geometry 12, tenth in Probability, and second in Team 12.

Mary Martinez placed second in Mixed Team.

Rebecca Natale placed eighth in Graphing 11 and second in Mixed Team.

Ariana Olmedo placed seventh in Algebra Simplify, ninth in Geometry 9, second in Algebra Equations, third in Word Problems 9, and second in Mixed Team. Ariana tied for third top freshman.

Maleiah Parker placed seventh in Trigonometry and second in Mixed Team.

Emma Schouten placed sixth in Graphing 10, sixth in Geometry 10, fifth in Word Problems 10, and fourth in Team 11.

Ada Tucker placed fourth in Team 11.

Livia Warren placed tenth in Word Problems 9 and first in Team 9.

Math Team Pic 2

Math Team Members

Students Raised $273.15 During FCCLA Penny Wars to Pie the Principal!!!

Penny Wars pie in the face
pie in the face principal

Cole Cave Interviewed at State FFA Convention

Listen Here

High School Celebrated FFA Week February 18-23

Listen to Cole Cave and Shane Rieckhoff's KMMO Radio Spot

The Band Played at the Mizzou Game March 3rd

Watch and Listen Here!

band at mizzou

New Playground


The new playground has been installed!

THANK YOU to all the generous community members who helped out with this process from Grant Writing to Installation!


Sedalia Democrat Article from February 2, 2018

Bond Issue FAQ

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(Submitted by Mrs. Hibbard-updated March 7, 2018) La Monte Team Goes to Kaysinger Math Conference

On Tuesday, March 6, 2018, the La Monte Math team competed with 10 Kaysinger schools at SFCC. LHS had 16 students participating. We brought home 7 medals and 12 ribbons. Together we earned 4th place.

Emma Schouten placed 9th in Algebra 9 and 4th (ribbon) in Geometry 9.

Zachary Schilli placed 1st (medal) in Probability and Statistics, 4th (ribbon) in Word Problems 12, 3rd (medal) in Analytical Geometry & Graphing, 6th in Hodgepodge 12, and 2nd overall senior.

Alicia Davis placed 5th (ribbon) in Probability and Statistics, 9th in An

alytical Geometry & Graphing.

Trinity Martin placed 4th (ribbon) in Word Problems 10.

Rebaeka Natale placed 5th (ribbon) in Word Problems 10, 6th in Hodgepodge 10.

Hannah Martin placed 6th in Word Problems 11.

Trenton Johnson placed 7th in Word Problems 11, 4th (ribbon) in Analytical Geometry & Graphing, 4th (ribbon) in Hodgepodge 12.

Thomas Bryon placed 8th in Word Problems 11.

Antonio Villagomez placed 1st (medal) in Word Problems 12.

Ramon Lemus placed 5th (ribbon) in Geometry 9.

Lindey Oehrke placed 7th in Hodgepodge 11.

La Monte (in groups of four) placed in 4th (ribbons) in Team 9, 6th in Team 10, 7th in Team 11, and 2nd (medal) in Team 12

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